Monday, May 23, 2011

New Headband! :o)

I wanted to sew the other evening so I opened my closet, looked at my stash of extra fabric, and pulled out some scraps from a couple years ago. And then with a little measuring, a few snips, and a bit of sewing - TADA!!! I've got a new headband!

I was inspired by this tutorial from Casey. I didn't really follow it, though, cuz my headbands weren't the same size, and I didn't want my bow that big. For my bow I just made a little rectangle and pulled in the middle... :oP

I really like it, and will probably make another. Maybe I'll try to put a flower on the next one... :o)

Always fun to have a new headband. YAY!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Truly Textured Dishcloth

Some of my friends and I have been all about knitting and crocheting recently, so last week I knit a dishcloth!

It's from the Leisure Arts "Dishcloths By the Dozen" booklet. I've used this pattern before, and really like it! A quick and easy project for a couple evenings with a movie... :o)
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