Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucienne’s Plane Counting Outfit

For this short scene, Lucienne’s outfit is composed of a white blouse and yellow sweater, a tan skirt and a red hat.

I love Lucienne’s hat in this part! I really like hats, and adore the red with the huge flower! *sigh of delight* There’s a Butterick hat pattern (the 1920's one) with a similar brim shape, although its lines (especially the crown) are rather simplistic.

You get a really good look in this scene at the shape of her blouse’s wide, sailor-like collar, trimmed with small crocheted edging. Also visible are the discoloration stains on her left sleeve and the hem of her sweater, giving it a well-worn and well-loved look. You can kind of see the pattern of the ribbed openwork going up-and-down her sweater, as well. She wears this sweater and blouse in the next outfit as well, so I’ll say more about them then…

Lastly, she’s wearing a tan skirt. It looks to me as though it’s pleated with gathers (or smaller pleats) in the center back. This is the only real shot you get of it, though, and this is the only time she wears this skirt, so your guess is as good as mine.

Look for Lucienne’s Visit Ensemble Monday!


  1. OOoo, SO pretty! I especially like the hat. =)

  2. Hey Kelsie,
    Just had a quick question for you: where do you get movie pictures? I recently found out that I wasn't supposed to use Google Images for pics without permission from the owner (oops) so now I'm trying to figure out where to get pics from movies and such.

  3. I really like her outfit Kelsie!
    And her hat is awesome!!

  4. It is an awesome hat, isn't it? :o)

    Celia - I take them myself. We have a DVD player on our computer that will let us take pictures with the "print screen" button, then paste them onto a bitmap document. Some players won't let you do it, but some do. It's a really handy thing! :o) (I hope that was helpful and made sense... if you can't figure it out I'd be willing to take some for you. Just u2u me on the S&S MB...)


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