Thursday, March 31, 2011

Givaway at Day in the Life Too!

I thought some of you might be interested in this jewelry givaway that's going on over at Day in the Life Too, (and I wanted to be entered again by blogging about it. haha). :o) There are some really pretty pieces in the shop, and it ends tomorrow, so go check it out quickly!!!

Here are my 2 favorites:

Thanks, Brittany, for hosting this giveaway!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50's Bungalow Apron

I started this vintage bungalow pattern quite a while ago, but when it came to putting on all that bias tape... that wasn't really my thing.

But I finally got it out and completely finished it, so I now have a new apron!

I love that it covers so much, cuz I can be very messy when cooking... I really like the way it crosses around and closes with the little white buttons, too. :o)

Interesting quote from the 50's about bungalows:

"A Bungalow Apron"

"One does not wear a dress under a bungalow apron. It is really a dress itself—an extremely simple dress made of sturdy material that will resist the wear and tear of housework. Smart little touches can be added to this type of apron that do justice to the originality of the wearer and her skill in clothes-making.

If you are planning a bungalow apron, choose a material such as gingham, percale, madras, or American print. These materials are sturdy, practical, neat and they launder well. Follow the directions in your pattern carefully, and cut your apron so that plenty of roominess is allowed. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as a bungalow apron that is so tight that it hinders you in your housework."

From the New-Way Course in Fashionable Clothes-Making.

So my project is completed and I even have a new apron out of the deal. A 50's one, too. Could life get any better? :oP

Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Dress

No, I haven't forgotten that I have a blog. And I have been doing a fair amount of crafting. But have I done much on the computer? Nope...

I made this little baby dress last week and am finally getting around to posting it! Kiri found the Itty Bitty Baby Pattern a couple years ago, and I thought it would be great for some stash-busting!

I will probably be making 2 more dresses from this pattern soon, since I have 2 more pieces of this fabric in different colors. I originally bought three of the same fabrics(in different colors) to make dresses for three of my baby dolls. It was going to be one of my first sewing projects... hmm...

I'm planning to embellish all 3 a little differently. The bow was a last minute thing that I added (originally I was gonna put on rickrack, but I didn't end up having any that was the right color...) because I had the perfect amount of binding tape left. I think a ribbon bow would look better, though, so maybe I'll change it.

This project was really fast and easy. If you have 1/2 a yard of fabric lying around and want a quick project, I recommend this sweet little dress!

Does it seem I'm all about baby things recently? Maybe it's cause I know lots of ladies that are pregnant? And baby things are always so sweet. :o)
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