Friday, August 26, 2011

60s/70s Patterns

Because people know that my sisters and I like to sew, we are sometimes given sewing things, which is so lovely! We're handed anything- fabric, notions, patterns. All very fun and often times useful! This time it was a bag of vintage 60s and 70s patterns.

I prefer 40s/50s fashion over 60s/70s, but I really like this basic 60s dress, and have thought about making one before off Simplicity 3833, which is very similar.

Maybe getting these will inspire me to organize the sewing stuff in my closet... And it's probably time to make a list of the sewing projects I have going and the things I want to make in the future!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Simplicity's New Baby Layette Pattern

I've fallen in love with Simplicity's reproductions of vintage baby layette patterns and have been slowly collecting them when they are on sale at JoAnns. I happened to check their website today and discovered the newest one in the collection! This sweet little thing is a reprint from the 1950s - my favorite fashion decade!

Isn't it adorable? Next time Simplicity patterns are on sale, I'll have to pick one up!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mushrooms and Fairies

My sister recently discovered Cinderberry Stitches which is full of adorable, inspiring things. It's all adorable, but I think the fairy in the sailboat is definitely a favorite. :o)

Her stuff is just so darling! There is even a free pdf pattern for a little mushroom house, if any of you embroiderers are interested. :o)

Photo from

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of Slouchy Berets

I've always liked hats, though I've never really had any. I recently decided it was time for that to change! So after looking through many, many pages of free patterns on, I found a hat I really wanted to make. Now it's finished, and I really like it!

I chose the pattern for the All-Day Beret, and I found a ball of silky light blue Caron yarn on sale. Only I didn't read the directions thoroughly enough, so I had to rip out the first 5 inches of the hat... But after that it came along very smoothly, and in just a few days I had a new hat!

I love the way the center back is shaped as the stitches get fewer and pull into a small circle. While I was knitting I wondered how it would finish off (I really had no idea because I've never made any kind of hat before), but I really like the way this pattern was made. :o)

I think this hat will incorporate into my closet very well, and I'm heartily excited about this new step in my fashion life! I already have a 2nd beret ready to start!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lucienne’s Farwell Outfit

The last time we see Lucienne her outfit consists of the skirt from her Visit Ensemble, the blouse from her Flying Ensemble/Meet Rawling outfit, and a new green sweater. Pictures for this scene weren’t the best, but you can see her blouse pretty well.

Her sweater is dark green and comes down below her hips. It’s not fitted, and there doesn't appear to be a tie or anything to help pull it in.

We do get a good shot of the fabric during their hug good-bye. Is her sweater faded on her shoulders or is it just the sun??? Either way, the green material is embroidered with something like vines or flowers, but I can’t be completely certain what.

And just as a note, I love the ties in her hair, though my hair is too thick for that to work for me. Maybe she has an elastic band underneath. :oP

So we come to the end of my costume study for Flyboys! I hope everyone enjoyed it and that it will be a good resource for anyone wanting to recreate any of Lucienne’s costumes or in need of WW1 inspiration!

Feel free to give advice or suggestions for future costume studies by comment. And if you would, please vote in the sidebar’s poll! (And feel free to be brutally honest.)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Lucienne’s Rescue Ensemble

When Rawlings rescues Lucienne from the Germans she is in her red skirt and purple sweater from the Flying Outfit. She is wearing a new white blouse with a deep V filled in with striped material. When he returns with his plane she has put on trench coat.

During most of this sequence, the movie is either dark or only head shots, so it was difficult to get good pictures. However in this one you can see her boots well and a little of her coat sleeve.

And we actually get a glimpse of one of the blouse’s sleeves! Not the greatest of shots from a costumer’s perspective, but this is the only time in the whole movie that you see her without a sweater over her blouses. As you can hopefully tell from the picture, this blouse has short sleeves. It looks like it might have a tuck or two along the sleeve hem, as well.

We also get a look at the dark stockings Lucienne is wearing under her boots. This is also one of the few times the lighting is good enough to see some of the details on her trench coat.

Lucienne’s blouse is very pretty and rather “titanic” looking in my opinion, which isn’t really a surprise as their very close timewise… Also note that you can see the lace from her undergarments peeking out of the left side in this shot. Perhaps a corset cover?

Difficult to see, but the closest to a full-shot I could get.

We only have one more post until the end! Next Monday is the last of this Flyboys costume study – Lucienne’s Farewell Outfit.
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