Monday, August 1, 2011

Lucienne’s Rescue Ensemble

When Rawlings rescues Lucienne from the Germans she is in her red skirt and purple sweater from the Flying Outfit. She is wearing a new white blouse with a deep V filled in with striped material. When he returns with his plane she has put on trench coat.

During most of this sequence, the movie is either dark or only head shots, so it was difficult to get good pictures. However in this one you can see her boots well and a little of her coat sleeve.

And we actually get a glimpse of one of the blouse’s sleeves! Not the greatest of shots from a costumer’s perspective, but this is the only time in the whole movie that you see her without a sweater over her blouses. As you can hopefully tell from the picture, this blouse has short sleeves. It looks like it might have a tuck or two along the sleeve hem, as well.

We also get a look at the dark stockings Lucienne is wearing under her boots. This is also one of the few times the lighting is good enough to see some of the details on her trench coat.

Lucienne’s blouse is very pretty and rather “titanic” looking in my opinion, which isn’t really a surprise as their very close timewise… Also note that you can see the lace from her undergarments peeking out of the left side in this shot. Perhaps a corset cover?

Difficult to see, but the closest to a full-shot I could get.

We only have one more post until the end! Next Monday is the last of this Flyboys costume study – Lucienne’s Farewell Outfit.


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  2. ACK!
    I just deleted my comment!!!
    Sorry about that!!!
    What I said in the now gone forever comment, is that I love Lucienne's blouse.

  3. i really like her red skirt.
    I need to get more skirts....

  4. @Cailin - haha, that's awesome. :oP I really like this blouse, too!

    @Amy - You want to get together and sew sometime? *hint, hint*


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