Monday, August 8, 2011

Lucienne’s Farwell Outfit

The last time we see Lucienne her outfit consists of the skirt from her Visit Ensemble, the blouse from her Flying Ensemble/Meet Rawling outfit, and a new green sweater. Pictures for this scene weren’t the best, but you can see her blouse pretty well.

Her sweater is dark green and comes down below her hips. It’s not fitted, and there doesn't appear to be a tie or anything to help pull it in.

We do get a good shot of the fabric during their hug good-bye. Is her sweater faded on her shoulders or is it just the sun??? Either way, the green material is embroidered with something like vines or flowers, but I can’t be completely certain what.

And just as a note, I love the ties in her hair, though my hair is too thick for that to work for me. Maybe she has an elastic band underneath. :oP

So we come to the end of my costume study for Flyboys! I hope everyone enjoyed it and that it will be a good resource for anyone wanting to recreate any of Lucienne’s costumes or in need of WW1 inspiration!

Feel free to give advice or suggestions for future costume studies by comment. And if you would, please vote in the sidebar’s poll! (And feel free to be brutally honest.)


  1. Great job on your first costume study, Kelsie! I might have to check out that movie sometime. =) I like how they recycled basic clothing pieces throughout the movie- it's more realistic that way.

  2. I loved it Kels!!!
    Lucienne's clothes are so awesome.


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