Monday, July 11, 2011

Lucienne’s Gardening Apron

I realized last week that I almost skipped one of Lucienne’s costumes! But don’t worry, because it just happened to turn out that it fit in right here where we are in the movie! Funny how things work, isn’t it? :o)

When the planes return, Lucienne is working in her garden but stops to count how many of the planes have survived the battle. She is wearing her Plane Counting Outfit with a full coverage apron over it.

It’s not very shapely, but is very practical, made to protect her entire outfit from dirt. Lucienne’s clothes are pretty but practical. It seems the costume designer wanted to portray a realistic wardrobe, with staple pieces used multiple times. Various pieces of Lucienne’s outfits reappear in later scenes, and quite often they look slightly worn or stained as if she’s had them for a long time. The details are really fascinating, giving the feel of a country girl’s wardrobe during wartime.

I like the collar flap of the front neckline which gives the apron some detail. It looks like there might be a button holding the collar down.

Next week is Lucienne’s Visiting Ensemble!


  1. her apron is cool kelsie!!

  2. I really like it, too. Though it's different... :o)


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