Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gingham Headband

I finished another headband, this time using scraps from a yellow gingham project on which I’m currently working! (Consider this hint two!)

Rather than doing another bow, I made three yoyos for flowers. Thanks to my sister, Keely, for giving me the idea!

I had been planning to use yellow buttons for the centers, but we had these white ones in our stash. And using the yellow thread gave it a nice contrast!

Another fun and quick project!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucienne’s Plane Counting Outfit

For this short scene, Lucienne’s outfit is composed of a white blouse and yellow sweater, a tan skirt and a red hat.

I love Lucienne’s hat in this part! I really like hats, and adore the red with the huge flower! *sigh of delight* There’s a Butterick hat pattern (the 1920's one) with a similar brim shape, although its lines (especially the crown) are rather simplistic.

You get a really good look in this scene at the shape of her blouse’s wide, sailor-like collar, trimmed with small crocheted edging. Also visible are the discoloration stains on her left sleeve and the hem of her sweater, giving it a well-worn and well-loved look. You can kind of see the pattern of the ribbed openwork going up-and-down her sweater, as well. She wears this sweater and blouse in the next outfit as well, so I’ll say more about them then…

Lastly, she’s wearing a tan skirt. It looks to me as though it’s pleated with gathers (or smaller pleats) in the center back. This is the only real shot you get of it, though, and this is the only time she wears this skirt, so your guess is as good as mine.

Look for Lucienne’s Visit Ensemble Monday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lucienne’s Meet Rawlings Outfit

Okay, so I’m not real original with my titles… Hey, come on, be nice! I’m trying here! And it’s a pretty outfit, so just don’t think about the so-not-unique name I gave it. :oP

When we first meet Lucienne, she’s wearing a white blouse with a ruffled neck, a brown (leaning toward red) skirt, and a yellow wrap sweater. (All of Lucienne’s outfits consist of a skirt, blouse, and sweater.)

Her skirt appears to have box pleats in the back and a smooth front. Her sweater ties on the left, but it appears that the ties go all the way around, giving the baggy sweater a defined waist.

The sweater has trim around the entire edge as you can see in the picture above and the next picture. (You can see the hem details in the first couple pictures.)

I really like this sweater and would like to try and make one. If anyone has any ideas, please pass them along. (I’m afraid I’m a great dreamer, and may never get around to actually doing it… But it’s still fun to make plans, right?)

And in this last picture you can tell that it’s light weight and see through. You can also kind of see the blouse sleeves through it, though the first picture was probably better for that... I can’t tell if the blouse sleeves are elbow length or rolled up. They appear to be a bit bulky in the elbow area. Hmmm…

Look next Monday for her Plane Counting Outfit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Costume Study - FLYBOYS

I’m happy to welcome you to the introduction of my very first costume study!!! Over the next several Mondays, I will be posting a costume study on Lucienne’s wardrobe from the movie Flyboys starring James Franco. If you’re unfamiliar, Flyboys is an awesome WW1 movie about (what else?!) American flyboys during the war! You can find a review on if you are interested.

Although the costume study will be focused on Lucienne only, I thought for the introduction I'd show off the guys in their uniforms...

And look at Rawling’s boots! Aren’t they awesome? I love the way the strap wraps around!

I’ll warn you now that some of my pictures might not always be great. Remember: I’m looking at the costumes, not faces. I’ll try to get as good a shot of the actors as I can, but sometimes you can’t see the outfits as well when the people look good. Sorry!

Lastly, I’ve never made any of these costumes nor done extensive research on the period, so you’re just getting my observations. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about anything – the costumes, my format, or anything really – please comment!

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nancy Drew Dresses

So, as you may have noticed on my sidebar, I’m trying to read all 56 Nancy Drew books between June 1 and September 1. So while I was reading The Secret of the Old Clock, I got to one of the adorable drawings that are scattered throughout the books. I looked over and noticed that she was wearing a dress EXACTLY like one of my patterns from Vintage Vogue! (Well, I suppose technically Nancy’s middle pleats are slightly different and her buttons go all the way down the skirt, but who wants to be technical anyway?!? :oP)

I was so excited! It’s supposed to be the same dress she’s wearing on the cover, though it is drawn slightly differently. But I think I need to make the pattern in a bright green. I mean, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a Nancy Drew dress? :o)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Dresses

Since I started my blog I have wanted to post some of my favorite past projects, which were two summer dresses I’ve made in the last couple years. The first one I made was my lemon dress from See and Sew 4957. (Doesn’t it remind you of a 50’s/60’s housedress?)

I liked it so much that I made another one, with a few slight alterations…

Well, I decided that having three dresses off the same pattern is okay if it’s a fun pattern, right? So, when I was at JoAnn’s and discovered that their clearance fabrics were 40% off the clearance price, I just had to get some floral for only $2.50 a yard!

I have the dress cut out and ready to line. I just need to get out my white cotton... Hooray for clearance sales! It’s an easy pattern, so it shouldn’t take me too long, and I’m hoping to have it finished before we go to the beach. :o)
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