Monday, July 18, 2011

Lucienne’s Visit Ensemble

When Rawlings visits Lucienne’s home for the first time she is wearing her white blouse and yellow sweater from the Plane Counting Outfit, but this time she has paired it with a red a-line skirt with scallop detail above the hem. The scallop almost appears to be the hem of an overskirt, but I can't be exactly sure. Her skirt is ankle length, so you can see her little black heels and dark stockings.

Here you can see the sleeve edge details. There’s also something going vertically up the sleeve, maybe around the seam...

I love the details around the hem of her sweater, especially the drawstring with the balls on the ends! You can also see the discolored stains that I mentioned earlier pretty well. And does the skirt look orange-ish from this angle?

The skirt back is pleated, maybe with knife pleats. You can see the back of the blouse's sailor collar here and the decorative row of eyelets down the back of her sweater.

The last couple pictures are of the details in the front of the sweater. You can see the sleeves pretty well in these, too.

Look next Monday for Lucienne’s Flying Outfit!


  1. All of Lucienne's outfits are really cool! :P
    You're making me want to watch FlyBoys again!!!

  2. I've got to see this movie!
    i've got about a billion questions about it!


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