Friday, April 25, 2014

334 Two Inch Squares

A few days ago I began turning my lovely fabrics into squares for my Marmalade Squares baby quilt.   There are a few larger pieces, but mostly 2" squares.  334, to be exact.   

A friend teased me that cutting that many tiny squares would be really tiresome, but I found it went surprisingly fast.  Gotta love a good rotary cutter!

And now I have a stack of sqaures ready to be pieced.  Done with the rotary cutter; on to the sewing machine!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last Minute Pioneer Sunbonnet

My mother spoke at a small homeschool conference a couple weeks ago, and she asked me to make her a prairie sunbonnet as a giveaway prize.  It was a late-night-before-the-conference/up-til-2am kinda project.  I snapped this lone photo at 3am; hence the lack of nice(ish) photos.  But hopefully some little girl will really enjoy playing with it!

I used a free pattern I found at My Cotton Creations.  It was really easy to follow; I would definitely recommend it.  Perfect for a last minute sunbonnet!
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