Monday, June 13, 2011

Costume Study - FLYBOYS

I’m happy to welcome you to the introduction of my very first costume study!!! Over the next several Mondays, I will be posting a costume study on Lucienne’s wardrobe from the movie Flyboys starring James Franco. If you’re unfamiliar, Flyboys is an awesome WW1 movie about (what else?!) American flyboys during the war! You can find a review on if you are interested.

Although the costume study will be focused on Lucienne only, I thought for the introduction I'd show off the guys in their uniforms...

And look at Rawling’s boots! Aren’t they awesome? I love the way the strap wraps around!

I’ll warn you now that some of my pictures might not always be great. Remember: I’m looking at the costumes, not faces. I’ll try to get as good a shot of the actors as I can, but sometimes you can’t see the outfits as well when the people look good. Sorry!

Lastly, I’ve never made any of these costumes nor done extensive research on the period, so you’re just getting my observations. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about anything – the costumes, my format, or anything really – please comment!

Hope you enjoy!


    It's so cool that you're doing a study on it!!!
    can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! =D By the way, I've never seen that movie...would you recommend it?

  3. Oh I LOVE That movie also! Its really great!

  4. I love that movie too! And I can't wait to see your pictures of the dress! Love, Emmi

  5. Amy, Emma, Emmi - I love it, too! :o)

    Celia - I would recommend it, but I would also recommend reading a review before you watch it. (I know others have different opinions, so I always think it's hard to recommend movies to people I don't know personally...) If you don't do well with violence it probably isn't for you, and there is an element to it that probably isn't suitable for younger kids. But for older audiences that enjoy war movies, YES! I really love it! :o)

  6. i love the movie fly boys!!!


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