Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finished Boat Baby Blanket!

I finished the top and got the backing fabric for this blanket a while ago, but hadn't bothered to actually finish it yet...

But when I got my new Heritage Celtic Thunder cd, I wanted something I could do and listen at the same time, and finishing this up was the thing! :o)

Now I'm dreaming of a future day when I'll be playing with a sweet little baby boy on this blanket... :o)


  1. Your blanket looks great, Kelsie! Good job. Rachel plays on her quilt from Keely almost every day, so someday, yours will be put to good use, too, I'm sure!!

  2. I love it Kels!!
    The way you stitched the binding is so cool!

    I quilted five of my flower squares!!!

  3. Oooh, I love it Kelsie! I can't wait to see it on Tuesday! ~Emmi

  4. I love it:) It is the cutest baby blanket ever and the ship reminds me of you:)

  5. I love it Kelsie! I love the sea too,though sadly I tend towards sea sickness. We miss you all,no having fun! -love, your crazy friends in Aurora


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