Monday, January 3, 2011

Bungalow Aprons

A couple years ago I discovered vintage 50's bungalow apron patterns. I was immediately in love! Aprons are always handy to have around when cooking, and what could be better than one from the 50's?

On eBay we purchased an adult and child version, but I was very disappointed not to be able to get the teen version.

So my sister, knowing that I really wanted it, found that version and gave it to me for Christmas! I was so excited!

So now my bungalow apron pattern collection is complete! Yay!


  1. Those are so cute!
    And I love the name of your blog :)

  2. Thanks! Kiri was helping me decide (at first it was called "As Yet Undecided" tee hee hee) and decided that the things I'm into are nautical things and the 50's, so... :o)


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