Friday, August 26, 2011

60s/70s Patterns

Because people know that my sisters and I like to sew, we are sometimes given sewing things, which is so lovely! We're handed anything- fabric, notions, patterns. All very fun and often times useful! This time it was a bag of vintage 60s and 70s patterns.

I prefer 40s/50s fashion over 60s/70s, but I really like this basic 60s dress, and have thought about making one before off Simplicity 3833, which is very similar.

Maybe getting these will inspire me to organize the sewing stuff in my closet... And it's probably time to make a list of the sewing projects I have going and the things I want to make in the future!


  1. I love the clothes from those periods!!

  2. Ooo, those look lovely!

    By the way, LOVE your RANDOM MOVIE QUOTE. Tangled is one of my favorites!!!

  3. Hey, Kelsie, could you email me sometime (or if I see you Friday, explain to me) how you got a random movie quote, verse, books you're reading, etc. on the side of your blogspot? Mine's Plain Jane, and I don't know how to chanage it.


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