Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Of Slouchy Berets

I've always liked hats, though I've never really had any. I recently decided it was time for that to change! So after looking through many, many pages of free patterns on, I found a hat I really wanted to make. Now it's finished, and I really like it!

I chose the pattern for the All-Day Beret, and I found a ball of silky light blue Caron yarn on sale. Only I didn't read the directions thoroughly enough, so I had to rip out the first 5 inches of the hat... But after that it came along very smoothly, and in just a few days I had a new hat!

I love the way the center back is shaped as the stitches get fewer and pull into a small circle. While I was knitting I wondered how it would finish off (I really had no idea because I've never made any kind of hat before), but I really like the way this pattern was made. :o)

I think this hat will incorporate into my closet very well, and I'm heartily excited about this new step in my fashion life! I already have a 2nd beret ready to start!


  1. Looks great Kelsie!
    Maybe i could borrow your needles....
    I still haven't gotten mine.

  2. Beautiful job Kelsie! That style looks great on you!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post, but I just wanted to say: I LOVE your beret. Too cute! :)


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