Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last January Craftings

Okay, I didn't get all of my January Sew 12 hours posted while it was still January... So here is a conglomeration post for the final hours in the January portion of the challenge!

Firstly, two more days of cross stitching resulted in most of a yellow flower...

A friend helped me make my very first pair of earrings to give to another friend for her birthday! It was so fun, I may have to get some tools and start making more jewelry! And I think Amelia likes them, so I'm happy. :o)

And the last hours went on this toddler dress I'm making for a competition. I've never entered anything I've sewn in a competition before, so I'm a little nervous... But hopefully everything will go well!

Hooray for the 1st month of my challenge being completed! I'll try to get my hours posted more in sequence this month... We'll see how it goes. ;o)


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