Friday, July 20, 2012

Hat Inspiration

I tend to be a sucker for hats and right now am feeling inspired to wear them more often.  They can add such a cute touch to an outfit, instantly transforming it from basic to adorable.

Some of my main inspiration has been MJ in Spiderman 2, Sarah in I Am Number Four, Claire in Elizabethtown, and recently Gwen from The Amazing Spiderman.  (I’m not necessarily recommending any of these movies, you can find reviews here)  They all manage to look so sweet and trendy, pairing them with everything from graphic tees to cardigans to dresses.  They really add something to an outfit!

Looking at these and other photos have really put me in the mood to knit, hence the hat I started a couple days ago.  I'm planning to do a fair amount of knitting in the near future so as to improve my skills to the point of fulfilling my dream to knit myself a long sweater...  :o)

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  1. Oh all of those hats are so cute! Is the last pic from 'I Am Number Four'? It's so cute! And Claire's hat frome Elizabethtown is one of my favorites! Kirsten Dunst is so cute in hats! :)

  2. Actually the last picture is from The Amazing Spiderman. She looks really cute in that scene. :o) And I agree that Kirsten Dunst always look cute in her hats!

  3. Ooh, I approve! Good luck! And make sure you post pictures of YOU in your pretty hats once you're finished making them. :)

  4. Oh really? I haven't seen that yet, now I want to see it just for her cute clothes...haha ;) My friend saw it and loved it...and I know my husband wants to see it. :)

  5. @Tricia - I will, though I apparently lent out the knitting needles I need to finish my hat, so...

    @Anna - I hope you enjoy it! I don't think I like it better than the last one overall, there were some things that were better but some things I didn't like. But the scene with the hat she looks very cute. :o)


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