Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quilt and Quilt Again

With 12-out-of-16 of our quilt blocks completed, I'm very eager to finish the piecing and move on to the next step in the quilting process.  With this renewed spirit I'm hoping to have the rest of the blocks finished in the next week, and then we can move on to making the strips that go between the blocks.  Soon we may be able to see the star pattern!

I’m really looking forward to redecorating my room; it’s going to look so amazing!  Having a nautical bedroom is going to be so much fun.  :o)


  1. Oooo Kelsie, you're doing a nautical theme in your room? *High five* from one ocean-lover to another. :)

  2. Quilts are so fun! I always feel so satisfied from making quilts! :) Your room sounds like it will be lovely! :)

  3. do I see a quilting party in the future?

  4. @Celia - Yes, I'm so excited about it! I'll probably post pictures of my finished room even though decorating isn't really crafting... it'll work, right? haha

    @Anna - Quilting is so much fun! I love having something like this to work on while I'm talking or watching movies. :o)

    @Amelia - Yes! Can't wait! Hopefully it will be soon.


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