Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Orange Tights

Found this picture which I believe is a JCrew model and was feeling so inspired by it!  I'm a lover of tights, especially colored tights.  I think it's great how they took a neutral, preppy outfit and added splashes of color with the bright pink belt and burnt orange tights.  It looks really cute and really nice!

This served as the inspiration I needed to go ahead and buy some tights from Target (their $5 tights are the best price I've found, and they come in a variety of colors) and I'm so glad that I got them!  :)


  1. Yahoo for tights! The only pair i have is grey....i need to get to Target...

  2. I think colored tights can look awesome. If I didn't already need to wear stockings every day, I might think about a pair of purple tights... :-)

  3. @Amy - they are amazing. Just wore my gold ones again today. <3

    @Tricia - are the stockings you wear available in different colors? The only thing I find troublesome about them is you kinda have to put an outfit together around the tights. But once you think up a few, you can re-wear the outfits often! :)


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