Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perfect for a Funeral

I'm really not trying to be morbid. But you know how in the movies funerals are always held on a rainy day so everyone can carry black umbrellas? All the gents wear black suits, the ladies don black dresses and coats, and everything is amazingly set for the most perfect tear-jerking scene.

Don't worry: no one has died. It all started when I saw these adorable gloves at Dress Barn...

Which led me to putting together my current version of the perfect funeral garb. Hopefully that's not terribly morbid.

First and most important: the dress. I found this LBD on Chadwick's website which made the perfect piece for my funeral dress.

Now, let's accessorize. Simple, yet elegant, necklace and shoes from Ann Taylor... (Hope the rain hasn't been too hard or the heels will sink into the muddy ground. But even if it has, fashion over function, and they are relatively washable, right? And on a movie set, I'm sure we'll figure out some way to keep the heels up.)

Bag from Dress Barn...

And if it's cold (as it usually is on those rainy, autumn, funeral days) add this coat from Chadwicks, this hat from Dress Barn, and, of course, the hounds-tooth gloves from the beginning of the post.

Black umbrella optional. We'll leave that up to the director.

Next time I'm working on my costume design for an upcoming film that entails a funeral scene, I've got one scene of the heroine's wardrobe covered. :oP

Pictures from Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, and Chadwicks

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