Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Remember when I started this dress last June? I did most of the sewing back when I posted, but then I realized that I bought a regular zipper instead of an invisible one. And I had never put in a regular zipper... So I used one of my amazing talents: procrastination.

But as the end of summer started coming on, I decided that it was time to finish it before it became too cold to wear a sundress! So I have now officially put in my very first regular zipper, and finished my third dress off See and Sew 4957!

I made some alterations, adding ~1 inch to the bodice and a couple inches to the hem. I did this with the blue and white version, and I really like the way it changes the fit. Sometimes when you're 5'9 you need stuff to be longer!

I love how simple this dress is. Simple lines, easy assembly, and very fun to wear. A good combination! Though the construction is easier when you buy the right zipper. I much prefer putting in invisible zippers!!!

I probably won't get to wear it much until next summer, but it's always fun to have new clothes, no matter what season! And with a cardigan or jacket, I think this dress will get some use this fall!


  1. That is absolutely, positively ADORABLE, Kelsie! Love the pictures too. =)

  2. I LOVE it! :) And procrastination is one of my many talents as well. :P We should work on that together... Oh, and I wanted to say thanks for the blog award! I'll post on that when we get back. :D Love ya! ~Emily

  3. Very cute dress, Kelsie! Nice work. :)


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