Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Cape to Keep Warm

For me there has always been something attractive about capes. Enormous hoods call to me, and extremely large lengths of fabric billowing in the wind make the most beautiful shots.

So it was time I had a real cape myself. But I had to decide what I wanted. My sisters had used this pattern, which worked out really well for the body of the cape, but I wasn't sure about the hood. I wanted an Arwen hood that draped perfectly about her face, and I liked the fur inside Susanna's hood.

So with mainly those two women as my fashion inspiration, I set about making my own adjustments to the hood.

And it ended up being MUCH larger than I ever imagined. I realized after the fact that hoods don't just keep getting larger, but are cut smaller about the face. Oops. The down-my-back hood was not exactly what I was going for, but it's really not too bad. I may take it apart and fix it someday, but for now I'm happily content with my cape just as it is. :o)

I decided to use a frog for the closure, as I have always loved the way they look, and I love the finished product so much! It's very simple to use, and looks really good, too. I highly recommend them!

I think this is the most fabric I have ever used at one time, and it was quite an experience! But a good one, and I think my cape will get excellent use for all my winter costuming needs.


  1. pretty! It reminds me a little of the cape Belle wears in Beauty and the Beast during the snow scene...I've always wanted a cape like that! Lovely job! (And I love Arwen and Susanna's capes!)

  2. Lovely, Kelsie. The cape is beautiful and it looks so pretty on you. Blondes can wear basically any color but dark blue is very striking. You should totally wear it to the grocery store and show it off.

  3. How pretty! It is very dramatic and looks great on you!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @Anna - Yeah, I can see the Belle thing. That's so awesome! :o)

    @Celia - I actually did wear it into Barnes and Nobles. We got quite a few odd looks. lol

  5. Oh my goodness yes! Capes use so much fabric! They are worth it though.


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