Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hour 1 - Pink Rose

My first hour of sewing for the Sew 12 Challenge went on my Paula Vaughn cross stitch. One of my 2012 Resolutions (which, by the way, aren't terribly "resolute"...) was that I would finish this cross stitch. So when I was chatting with my family for a couple hours last night, I created a couple more flowers, the larger of which is this pink one.

Time to put the yellow flowers around it... :o)


  1. Wow looks amazing! Isn't it surprising how much you can get done in an hour? My problem is figuring out which project to work on first...that alone can take up an hour..haha This reminds me, I have a cross stitch project somewhere I need to finish...

  2. Wow, that is amazing!! I used to do cross stitching a lot, but it's been so long. Yours looks phenomenal! Keep it up :)

  3. Thanks, girls! I really enjoy cross stitching. And I love that it almost looks like a painting from a distance. :o)

  4. Hi Kelsie, just dropping a note to say that I miss your posts. ;) Have a lovely day and I hope to see an update soon! ♥


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