Saturday, January 4, 2014

Drawstring Dress

I never got around to posting it...  But I was able to finish my dress before the conference we attended back in November!

I combined New Look 6936 and vintage (well, 80s) McCall's 7572 to make the bodice that I wanted.  It worked quite well, though if I make this pattern again I will make the neck hole bigger.  I guess I have a big head.  :P

I mostly followed the New Look instructions, but it called for elastic rather than the drawstring that I really wanted.  It was simple to make a fabric "string" and run it through the casing instead - quick, easy, and I like it much better than elastic.

This may be one of my favorite machine sewing projects I've ever done.  The fabric is a silky knit that hangs well, and it was very easy to make.  It's not often that something turns out exactly how I wanted, but this one is exactly what I envisioned.  Definitely a project I'd enjoy doing again!


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