Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finished Marmalade Squares

Happy 2015, everyone!  One of my goals before the end of 2014 was to finish my Marmalade Squares quilt I started in the summer.  I'm pleased to say that I did!

This is my fourth completed quilting project this year, and it's the first year I've actually done "real" quilting.  In February my Ring of Stars queen sized quilt with my sister, then I collaborated with my sisters to make some wallhangings, and quilted a baby quilt panel.  I really feel I can officially consider myself a quilter!

This was really quite a fun project, and is done 2 months before Baby is expected to be born.  It's so nice to have things ready in advance!


  1. It looks quite fantastic. Congratulations on attaining the status of "official quilter." :) Happy New Year Kelsie!

    Love, Celia

  2. Wow this is amazing Kelsie! Well done! I love the quilting design you did and the colors are lovely! One of my goals this year is to finish a pile of quilts! We shall see! :)


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